Vinyl Siding Installation

Homes today no longer look the same as they did 75 years ago. Homes then had mostly wood or brick exteriors. Today the wood and brick have been replaced by vinyl siding. Why do so many new home contractors install vinyl siding on the homes they build?

Why Is Vinyl Siding Now The #1 Choice for New Homes?

First and foremost is price. Vinyl siding is relatively inexpensive. At least it is when you compare it to wood or brick exteriors.

Vinyl Siding Installation

Another reason is that vinyl siding is very durable and is easy to keep clean and fresh looking. In fact, a little soap in a hose-end sprayer and you can wash down the entire exterior of your house in short order. Many folks rent or buy a power washer — and that even makes the job faster. Because of price, durability and ease of maintenance, vinyl siding is the #1 choice of most new home builders.

Vinyl Siding Is Durable

We mentioned homeowners like its durability. That is because vinyl siding is very strong and difficult to damage.

Because the color is mixed into the siding, it is consistent from the front of the siding to the back. As a result vinyl siding never needs painting. And if it does somehow becomes scratched or nicked, folks will not even be able to notice it.

Just because vinyl siding never needs painting doesn’t mean it isn’t bright and colorful. Vinyl siding comes in a whole rainbow of colors and is a great way to add personality to your home. It also comes in unique shapes and styles. Besides straight vinyl boards, you can also get it in shingles, scalloped designs and even fish scales!

Like anything else, it is always good to read up on vinyl siding before you purchase it. It’s true you can buy vinyl siding in many different grades. You will be best served, however, by avoiding the cheaper grades.

Do Your Homework About Different Grades of Siding

For one thing, the cheaper grades will never look as good as the more durable grades. Nor will they hold up as well to temperature extremes. Higher grade vinyl siding often comes with a lifetime warranty; cheaper sidings may be guaranteed only for five or seven years. Because siding is a long term investment, it is better to go with the higher quality grades.

There is good reason why vinyl siding is the #1 choice for new homes today. It is attractive, inexpensive, low maintenance and comes with a lifetime guaranty. No wonder so many people choose vinyl siding!