Vinyl Decks

A while ago, decks were made from either wood or stone. There was no other option, so people chose one of the two, then revitalized them from time to time in order to make them look like new again. Today, there are many other options, one of the most sought after being vinyl decks. There are a few good advantages to this option, as we are going to see further on.

Vinyl Decks  Offer Excellent Durability

A vinyl deck lasts forever. It is stain and scratch resistant and can withstand bad weather conditions, mold and mildew with only minimum maintenance. It will fade a little with time, but not as much as wood. Besides, if you choose your color wisely, this fading may even pass unnoticed for a very long time.¬†Wood decks can become dangerous if they aren’t properly maintained, as they may generate splinters. With vinyl decks, this is not a worry anymore, so your feet, your children and your pets will be safe and happy. This is a great advantage that can determine someone to install such a deck instead of traditional wooden ones.

Great Looks Come Free With Vinyl Decks

Vinyl can be molded in such a shape that it looks just like wood. Nobody will be able to tell the difference until they come really close. Because it mimics wood so well, vinyl is the choice of many homeowners who like the elegance of wood but don’t want to bother with the maintenance of their deck other than washing it every now and then. However, you shouldn’t imagine a vinyl deck is maintenance free. You have to clean it regularly, just like you clean your outdoor furniture. There is dust and it loves to stick on various things that aren’t natural, so expect to do some cleaning if you want to enjoy a good looking deck even after a storm or a strong wind.

Vinyl Decks Offer Variety Of Color Choice And Shapes

Vinyl decks can come in various shapes, textures and colors. You can choose exactly the length you need, you can have the deck installed in tongue and groove or in planks and you can have it stained in whatever color you wish. Everything is possible, so it’s easy to match the deck with the style of your house and with your personal preferences. It is suitable for any type of house.

One thing to keep in mind when you choose your deck is that if you get a smooth vinyl, it may get slippery when wet. This is why it’s a good idea to choose a textured pattern.

Another thing to know is that vinyl decks are a bit more expensive than wooden ones. However, taking into consideration the very low level of maintenance needed, you can consider it as a good investment, even if you need to take more money out of your wallet upfront. If you are on a tight budget, you could add less accessories and a more simple finish, but you shouldn’t give up the idea of installing a vinyl deck.